The Prophets is my first short film. Although I have been producing image clips for quite some time narrative is my real passion.

A friend of mine , passionate about fantasy, Marc Parellada developed the script and we prepared for a few months the production before giving it a green light, finding the two actors of the story and jumping in.

We were a very small team as the budget was very small. I produced , directed and did the post-production of the short just before the pandemic. Who could have guessed that a real world apocalypse was just months ahead. I went to Hong Kong to shoot some aerials but had to return much sooner as planned because the shutting down of all the connections between countries. After arriving home I finished the film and it was distributed to some film festivals. It was selected in two of them: Isla Calavera and Oriana Festival.

If you would be interested in seeing the short just send me a mail and I will give you the password to see it. 

Portada poster retocada5-EditThe Prophets cover